Blandford & Area Fire Rescue Annual Appreciation Night 2019

On May 4th the Blandford & Area Fire Rescue held their Annual Appreciation Night which we were invited to photograph the event. It was a great night recognizing the firefighters and first responders in our community with speeches, award presentations and great food. It was nice to see the many crew, dignitaries, presenters and life members. The speeches even included some humour and were heart felt by all.

During the award ceremonies we took photographs of the presenters and award recipients on a gray background which allows us a lot of flexibility in creating a complementary look to the final images.


In the first image you’ll see the initial result of the image taken on the plain gray background using one of our flash mono lights with a large octa soft box to create as much of a soft light as possible. Also, keeping the light high enough to eliminate the reflection in the glasses and on the awards.

With some computer work reveals the above two images, which show the gray on the left and the blue on the right. Choosing the blue background to complement the crew’s uniforms was an easy choice as it provides the image more of a comforting feeling.

We photographed some candid images at the beginning of the event as well as during the event. After the award ceremony we moved out to the Engine Room and took some photographs of the crew and life members with their newest fire engine attack trunk #431.

Take a look at the their Gallery of images Event Gallery

Website: Blandford & Area Fire Rescue
Facebook: Blandford & Area Fire Rescue on Facebook
Find out how you can volunteer: Blandford & Area Fire Rescue Volunteering

We would like to thank the Blandford & Area Fire Rescue for their service, everyone involved behind the scenes for making the event such a great experience and for choosing us to photograph your 2019 Annual Appreciation Night, Trevor & Darlene Awalt.