One Step Closer

We are over the moon, we have registered our business name and have a business number. Our logo has been designed (preview below).
This picture was taken on 11 November, our customers braved the frigid temperature and wind. The initial location we choose wouldn’t work as the leaves had fallen off the trees due to the high winds the night before. We found another location with a forsythia bush that would provide a golden glow from the back light, exactly what the customer had requested.


It was a challenge to keep the hair out of the mom’s face due to the wind, but she was a trooper. The yellow leaves and the sun at their backs made a beautiful bokeh image, while enhancing the light on their faces using fill light from our flash set up.

In the coming weeks, we will be posting more about upcoming as well as previous photo shoots while we build our portfolio. Thanks for taking your time to stop by as we continue our journey, we appreciate you.