Open Update Aug 2020

As of Aug 1, 2020 we have opened with more services while still following the current Nova Scotia Provincial Coronavirus Pandemic guidelines.

Contact us for any portrait session(s) you would like to book keeping in mind for indoor and outdoor photo shoot(s) we currently restrict them to no more than 10 people. For indoor sessions, you will be asked to wash your hands upon arrival and we (the photographers) will be wearing masks for your protection. For outdoor sessions, weather permitting, we will also be following the current social distancing rules of six (6) feet and we (the photographers) will wear masks when necessary.

We will continue to monitor the Nova Scotia Government Web Site Notices for any change in guidelines or restrictions.

To book a session or ask questions, please contact us directly via our contact form, email, or call us at (902) 277-2998.

Newborn Photography

We really enjoyed taking photos of this little guy. In preparation of his photo shoot we purchased a studio bean bag from Studio Baby and material from Fabricville. My cousin handmade the baby outfits.  Everything sort of arrived at the same time, Mom was so excited to try many of the outfits on her 1st newborn boy. He was so good and his parents were fabulous.

Take a look at the gallery of images Newborn Gallery

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Lily of the Valley

Why should I post process my photos? …or… Why do I need to learn Photoshop. If the photo is not for journalistic purposes, clients are expecting to be wow’d nowadays and they expect more than just a photo that you can get at a low priced photo boutique. People talk about upping your photography to the next level, well what does next level mean, as if there is a reference to some previous state. It’s really how to stand out, the experience the client has during the photo shoot and delivering the unexpected.

20171009-883A7947violetlilly12Digital Backgrounds have been around for awhile and is one of the ways for photographers/artists to provide additional income. Although you cannot enter these types of composite images into competition and in some cases there are limitations on pixel sizes when uploading to social networks as they are a collaboration of sorts between the photographer for the subject and the artist for the background, It’s still a means of putting that little extra into the final image delivered to your customer.
The digital background artists work for this background can be found at: