2021 Grad Photo Shoots

We are currently offering a Covid special for Grad 2021 Photo Shoots, $50 for 10 edited photos. Right now we are shooting our photo sessions outside, but we’re expecting that we’ll be able to offer studio sessions once the Covid-19 restrictions are moved to Phase 2 here in Nova Scotia around the middle of June.

If you are interested, just contact us, phone/text (902) 277-2998 or email to info@dibphoto.ca for an appointment. Please note you are required to provide the gown and hat for the session.

Prior to the photo shoot we like to discuss some details; any ideas you may have, an old photo such as 1st day going to school, a hobby that you may want to incorporate, indoor/outdoor, location, etc…

We choose the ten (10) best images from the photo shoot. Within 5 to 7 days, your edited digital images, sized to 5″x7″, will be available via a private link password protected, with the ability to directly download, “Shootproof” gallery.

In addition we can provide any size digital file that you need, example 5×5, 10×10, 8×10, 8×12, 11×14, 16×20 etc…, by letting us know which file and what size then we’ll upload it to the same gallery at no additional cost.

As a bonus we’ll include a digital three (3) image collage (you choose which 3 images), examples shown above, sized to 5″x7″. As an option, if you choose to do so, the collage can be provided as an 11×14 3/4″ stretched canvas for an additional cost of $52.98. Or if you prefer an 11×14 print the cost would be $25.50.

An additional bonus we’ll also include a photo with mom and/or dad.

If you would like any images in print and/or canvas at any size we would be happy to help. Your cost would be the charge from our preferred photo lab + shipping + taxes + a one time $10 administration fee (we provide a quote and request an e-transfer before we proceed).

We are providing this special deal because we feel it’s so important to document this great achievement for your graduate, family, relatives, and friends. It’s something we hope you’ll always treasure.

June is “Prom” Month

2x2_48A0288-EditIn Nova Scotia near the end of June graduating Grade 12 students prepare for their Prom. In preparation the ladies have spent much time agonizing over which dress to rent or purchase in hopes it will be unique and also make arrangements for a hairdo and makeup for the day of the Prom. The gentlemen usually find themselves scrambling to pick up their rental suit and meet up with their beautiful date in time to join the photo session.

The first part of photographing the day is to meet up with your clients at their home to setup and take those important family photos before they are off to the meet and greet venue where the students will be mingling with their friends for possibly the last time as they go off to a secondary school/college, the first step to a life long career.

A bright sunny day with no clouds makes for harsh lighting conditions and you also would prefer a pleasing background for the photos. We had visited a few weeks prior to the photo shoot to get ideas where the individual and family photos would be taken. Between 1pm – 2:30pm, in late June, the sun is high in the sky and the family yard for the position of the sun would not have an ideal location to take the photos.

2x2_48A0172-EditThey did however have a car port and a brick wall which would be perfect for the images as the brick would represent the building blocks for their life journey ahead of them. With a brick background, although it is meaningful, it has a bit more of a masculine feel to the images. After the shoot looking at the images with the beautiful dress and suit we decided to do a bit of Photoshop work to change out the background to a few other colours using one of our textures and also enhance the in camera vignette.

Here are three sample images below, let us know which style or colour background you prefer.

We will be posting more images from this shoot in the days to come. Thanks for stopping by to visit. If you are looking for a family/individual portrait session or having an event give us a call we would be glad to help.