Hockey Photo Session Pricing

Our current Hockey Photo Session terms and conditions and terms of use are detailed below, please make sure you read them as this is our contract. Also found below, is our Pricing as of Sep 25th, 2022 (subject to change): Note this service is for Teams only, please “contact us” if you have any questions.

Package #1 – Digital + Prints – Three 5×7 sized digital images plus prints (includes two poses and one team)$20
Package #2 – Digital Only – Three 5×7 sized digital images only (includes two poses and one team)$15
Hockey Cards Add On – Ten 2.5″ x 3.5″) Hockey colour cards on 14pt card stock plus one 5×7 of hockey card front. (with Pkg1 digital + print) (with Pkg2 digital only)$15
Sibling/Parent/Coach Add On – One 5×7 (with Pkg1 digital + print) (with Pkg2 digital only)$3
Add On – Additional prints and enlargements of individual or team photos (requires purchase of package 1 or 2). The price for each print per size is as follows: $4 for 5×7, $7.50 for 8×10, $15 for 11×14, or $23 for 16×20
Add On – A stretched canvas on a 3/4″ frame with hanger (requires purchase of package 1 or 2) with the price for each canvas per size as follows: $36 for 8×10, $45 for 11×14, or $61 for 16×20

What we require from each team? (Terms & Conditions)

  1. We require a minimum of 8 players to order hockey cards for the current specified pricing, if less than 8 players, we would provide you a separate quote for the hockey card packages.
  2. We require a single contact person to work with per team and be provided their email and cell phone number.
  3. The contact person is responsible to fill out our team roster spreadsheet form with first name, last name, number, position, as well as age (if wanted on their hockey card). Please note, the accuracy of this information is very important as it is used to create the Hockey Card.
  4. The team roster spreadsheet will also indicate which package and options each player has chosen.
  5. The filled out team roster spreadsheet needs to be sent to us at least 2 days prior to the photo shoot.
  6. The contact person is required to collect the money on behalf of the team and e-transfer one total payment 2 days prior to the agreed date of the photo shoot.
  7. Please note we require the following items to be completed at least 2 days prior to the agreed photo shoot; (1) the completed team roster spreadsheet and (2) payment via e-transfer to, unless other arrangements have been agreed upon prior to the photo shoot.
  8. The contact person is required on the day of the shoot to meet us and work with us to gain access to the location 30 minutes for on-ice or 45 minutes for off-ice, to allow for setup, prior to the photo shoot as well as muster each player while their photos are being taken. Each team has the choice of an on ice or off ice photo shoot (note this depends on your organization’s regulations) please see the examples on the following Nov 26th, 2020 Blog Post on Hockey Photo Sessions
  9. We require a high resolution Team Logo in png or svg format at a minimum size of 5″x5″ @300dpi. If you do not have this high of a quality logo some of our current offerings may not be available, however we will work with you to help as best we can.
  10. A digital image of the front and back hockey card will be uploaded to a web site and the private link will be provided to the contact person for access to facilitate the final proof process of the details and spelling on each hockey card. If we do not receive any corrections back from the contact person during our two (2) day proof waiting period we will assume they are correct. After the two (2) day proof waiting period has ended the images for the hockey cards will then be sent to the print lab to be printed. Note depending on timing this two (2) day period could occur over any of the 7 days of the week.
  11. After our 3 – 4 week turnaround time to complete your order, the contact person will be required to meet at an agreed location for us to drop off the associated orders for the team which are packed as indicated on the team roster spreadsheet.
  12. We also take a head shot of each player and coach/manager (maximum of 4 coaches/managers), even if they have have opted out of purchasing a package, so that we can create a team poster and make it available to anyone on the team who may want to purchase it.
  13. If the team chooses to not do a team photo then the team poster will be available (please note there is a limit of 19 total, players and coaches, to be able to fit on a Team Poster).
  14. Please note there is an add on charge for a Player photo with sibling, or parent, or coach as shown above in the pricing.
  15. To order Hockey Cards (qty 10) you are required to also purchase package 1 or package 2. You would then be able to order additional Hockey cards (qty 10) if required, see add on pricing above (there is no package to only order hockey cards).
  16. The digital images are provided via an online private galley link for each team for up to 3 months, after which the gallery is deleted. It is the customer’s responsibility to download their respective images prior to the end of the 3 month period. To access the gallery you are required to enter your email and the assigned password. We may use those email addresses to monitor that the images are only being accessed by emails we recognize and may request verification from your organization if an email in question is valid or not. Results of this verification may require changing the private gallery password which would then be communicated to your organization respective team contact. Note we do not share your email address with any 3rd party.
  17. We do our best to store the original and delivered images for 6 months from the date of delivery using our standard backup procedures.

Terms of Use for Digital and Print Images
(In the information below “we”, “us”, “our” means Dream Imagine Believe Photography)
We have a simple terms of use policy statement(s) as follows:
1a. We retain all rights to the image(s), which is standard copyright law
1b. We do not use the image(s) of children on our web site or social media unless we get permission from the parent/guardian
1c. The digital image(s) provided are print ready as 5″x7″ @300dpi and are for personal use only
1d. The image(s), digital or print, are not allowed to be used for commercial purposes (such as but not limited to; use in a book, magazine or promotional material for financial gain) without contacting us and discussing such use, as there may be a fee required to use the image for that specific commercial purpose.
1e. If a digital image of a larger size is required, for personal use, other than provided in statement “1c” above, just ask by providing the size requirements and we would be happy to provide the appropriate print ready digital file free of charge. This request must come from the parent/guardian or the assigned organization contact for your team.
1f. A low resolution (@72dpi) watermarked image(s) is/are also provided intended for sharing on social media, if the parent/guardian chooses to do so. The low resolution digital file(s) provide some level of protection, if the files were attempted to be printed the result would be small and of poor quality. Also the watermark provides the origin of the image (assuming the image has not been digitally altered after the fact).

Please visit our Blog post on “Hockey Photo Sessions Blog Post” for examples.

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All payments would be via e-transfer to

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