How to Download Images

Recommended procedure to Download Images from Google Drive

We currently deliver customer images via Google Drive. However currently, downloading photos using the Google Drive app on your iPhone results in low resolution images in your camera roll.

To solve this issue we recommend to download the images using the Safari browser on your iPhone. In summary; once you have downloaded the images using Safari you can go to the iPhone “Files” icon (available since ios 11) select “Downloads”, then select your images, hit the up arrow icon at the bottom left of the screen and click save images. This will copy the photos to your camera roll.

The steps below show the complete process to follow, from an email link right through to copying the images to your camera roll with the proper resolution.

Step 1. Open the email and copy the google drive link by pushing on the link and press copy link.

Step 2. Open Safari, which is the icon that looks like a compass at the bottom of your screen.

Step 3. Click in the “URL” field and “paste” the link, then click Go.

Step 4. You will now see the Google drive folder open in Safari. Then tap the image you want to download.

Step 5. The image will then be displayed. Then click the “download” arrow, upper right. A download dialog will appear. Then click “Download”. Tap on the right or the left of the image displayed to go back or forward to other images. Download each image as desired.

Step 6. To get the downloaded images to your camera roll, switch back to your iPhone app icon screen and look for and tap the “Files” app icon.

Step 7. Tap the “Downloads” folder.

Step 8. Tap “Select”.

Step 9. Tap the images to select, “check mark”, the images you want added to your camera roll. Then tap the up arrow at the bottom left of the screen.

Step 10. Click “Save [x] Images”. Your selected images have now been added to you camera roll.

If you have any issue with your images, please let us know immediately. Note we can also deliver images via a USB memory stick, however there will be an additional $5 fee + shipping to cover the cost. We appreciate your business and your feedback.