On Location Portraits

Summertime is a great opportunity to go out to a local beach and shoot some on location portraits. People enjoy getting outside and having fun on the beach, and why not take some photos at the same time. You can have a portrait taken posed, with or without props, or just have some lifestyle photo journalistic photos taken while spending your time at the beach. Above the photo was taken using a white semi-translucent umbrella as a prop creating a soft light on our model at the same time.

Even in harsh sunlight conditions, there are techniques to help make a great portrait. We also take our studio mono lights out on location to help with those difficult lighting conditions.

©TrevorAwalt_48A3409Our model wanted to have some fun just walking around in the water at the edge of the ocean. We chose a local beach that typically does not have many people to have an unobstructed view of the ocean and beach in the background. The harsh sunlight provided some nice hair light and we also used our studio mono light to provide fill light for her face and upper body to bring her out of shadow.

Doing an on location portrait shoot requires a bit of planning and a little help from mother nature for the weather to cooperate. We also suggest taking a few portraits in our studio before going out on location. Safety is the foremost consideration doing any outdoor photo shoot which we take very seriously.

©TrevorAwalt_48A3498-Edit-EditA bit of post processing can also provide an unexpected result for the customer, by tying in a pose with a graphic and at the same time using a colour that matches their clothing to frame the image.

Summertime is a great time to consider having your portrait taken, it’s a time where family gets together while on vacation and a time to create those precious memories that will never be forgotten. As the years pass by we realize that family and our life memories are what is most important.

Contact us to book your next portrait session as the end of summer is drawing to a close. If the remaining part of your summer is too busy you can always always consider having your portrait taken with the beautiful fall colours.

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